Fashion Issues: Trends And Style Makes The Street Look Good

Fashion is everything, like the old saying; “dress the way you’d like to be addressed”, so true that it has left most people wondering “how did I get the offer?”

We @Smart9ja will be bringing you collections of Fashion and style from all over the world as “every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway!” (borrowed)

Comfort, Spirited Outfits, Sometimes crazy and sazzy, not forgetting old skul and throw backs are all going to be featured in our FASHION ISSUES page and we promise to lift your spirit make it worth reading.

Read: Nigerian millionaire Launches Fast Fashion brand To Compete With H&M and ZARA

Other element to come on the page along with outfits include jewelries and accessories, Shoes and bags both for male and female. Collections for particular occasion / events.

Also to come is auto mobile and speed mechanisms, how it relates to ones mood and outfit (you’ve got to love cars and fashion)

Enjoy our first Fashion Issues: (See the slide below)

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