See The Beautiful Pitches Where Football Game Is Played All Around The World

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Football or Soccer as many people and race would call it, is the most beautiful game that has connected the entire universe with one purpose (Victory), its has created jobs for millions of people around the world.

With over 250 million players and counting, in over 200 countries and dependencies, fooball or soccer is the world’s most popular sport.

It is the only game with almost no racial discrimination, going around the world picking young players and turning their lives around.

Yearly, soccer game takes tons of football officials around the world, who are seeking new talents and breeds of both Black or White, bringing them together to practice, train and stand before the world to show their gifts.

Boys from the Hornsey Young Men’s Christian Association (HYCA) club play football on the roof of their clubhouse, in London.

The game, since it officially began the world cup competition on 13 July 1930 after a proposal by the Executive Committee on the FIFA Congress in Amsterdam on 28 May 1928, has touched many lives, changed sad stories and built many nations.

Whatever city, town or country the World cup hits, the economy of the nation is robust as player, supporters and lovers of the game go with the game, everywhere! and anywhere!.

And that’s why we love the game.

Here are some of the amazing pitches you have never seen before:

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Photo Credit: Simon Bruty


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