Nigerians Will Borrow To Attend Shows, Beg To Attend A development Program

SEGUN ‘SEGA’ AWOSANYA An Institutional reform advocate and a realtor has predicted that Nigerians would rather borrow funds to attend an entertainment show/event and beg to attend a ‘personal development program’ for free

Segun said this via his twitter page, explaining that he and his friend had discussed the issue and realized it is true considering the turn out at an event and the turn out of people who register for a personal development program

“A friend lamented about the fact that Nigerians would prefer to borrow money to attend an event/show & beg to attend a personal development program for free. I ponder over this and realize there is a teachable moment here. Here are a few thoughts;”


Lots of Nigerians are also talking about the scenario

Ton of thousand of people in Nigeria turn up for a single musical show and more for football view, but according to statistic less than ten per cent of the number of those that turn up for both events register for a business development program or event.

Olamide Live in concert OLIC, an annual event that just concluded its 4 edition in Dec 2017, was formerly held at Eko Hotel convention centre and the 4th edition was moved to Taslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere, Lagos, this according to source is to enable more audience and space.

The list goes on and on for such events, without forgetting to mention that of Davido and Wizkid who are currently Africa’s frontiers, representing entertainers internationally in relation to their MOBO awards.


One thought on “Nigerians Will Borrow To Attend Shows, Beg To Attend A development Program

  1. Wahahi! this is so true, I have had some one ask me to help complete his ticket fee for an event, but no one ever asks or even suggest to attend a seminar or least of all, a youth forum

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