Time’s Up: The Red Carpet At The On Going 75th Golden Globes Award (All Black)

2018 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Pictures

Given the enormity of cultural reckoning of the past years, in relation to how women are treated in the workplace and in Hollywood, our fashion department decided to take a fresh approach to the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet. We therefore are Look out for actresses and actors wearing all black in solidarity with ‘Time’s Up‘, a legal and public-relations initiative formed by some of Hollywood’s most prominent women to combat sexual harassment.

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“It may be a small way of showing solidarity, but to me this is extremely important. If someone looks back and wants to know where I stood, they’ll see that picture of me on the red carpet wearing nothing but black,” Lena Waithe, the creator of Showtime’s “The Chi,” told InStyle.

“The Morning Breath” show by hosts Jackie Oshry and Claudia Oshry talked about this event on their show and Times’s Jodi Kantor, Vanessa Friedman, Jenna Wortham and Cara Buckley also wrote about the new red carpet.

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