President Jacob Zuma Distressed By The Horrific Kroonstad Accident

President Jacob Zuma has extended deepest condolences to families of those who died during the horrific collision which occurred in Kroonstad in the Free State province between a passenger train and a truck.

Reports states hat over thirteen (13) people lost their lives, while several others were left injured after a passenger train, truck and a car collided between Hennenman and Kroonstad in the Free State.

President Zuma has also wished a speedy recovery to the survivors of the collision.

“We wish to express our deepest condolences to the families affected by this horrible incident. This is a painful start to the new year for the nation. It has caused great shock and distress. We appeal to all road users across the country to observe discipline, patience and be vigilant at all times as they travel back to their respective destinations over this holiday period. Such loss of life should be prevented by all road users by observing the rules of the road at all times,” President Zuma said.

*Republic of South Africa: The Presidency


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